What do M*A*S*H and Rum Cake have in common?

You're probably wondering what a TV series about an army doctor and his band of sidekicks and a rum cake have to do with each other. Well... as far as the show goes, not a lot. But as the main star of the show, Alan Alda who played Dr. Hawkeye Pierce in the iconic television series “M*A*S*H explains, he … Continue Reading



Where to discuss rum

The Only Place To Discuss Rum

Do you find that your friends just aren’t into rum as much as you are? Or they have a couple too many with no appreciation? Then the rum forum is for you! Jump on in and have your say – we’re waiting!


So, Just What Is Rum Chata?

Rum Chata certainly is a hot topic right now, the world is going crazy for it! Only a few days ago, I found myself asking – just what is the Rum Chata I keep seeing on menus / hearing people talk about. So today, amongst my usual searching online for funny cat pictures and music […]



How to taste rum

One of the first things you're probably wondering, when it comes to rum appreciation, is - how do you taste rum? And I don't mean the mechanics of taste buds, this isn't a biology lesson. I mean how do you pick out … Continue Learning

My Rum Cupboard - Almost Time To Make My Blend!

How do you store rum?

Wine lovers have their wine racks, ice buckets and de-canters. But what do rum drinkers have aside from some ice and a cup? I want to know what cool things you readers have at home to make your rum drinking … Continue Learning

Screw Cap versus Cork

Screw Caps versus Corks

After a question on on the blog, I decided to do some research to find out just what is better to top off your bottle - a screw cap or a cork! Most rum enthusiasts in my experience prefer a screw cap to cork. … Continue Learning