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The perfect rum runner chicken recipe

Take cooking with rum to the next level with spicy rum runner chicken. Great hot or cold, the rum glaze is spiced but not hot, bursting with flavour and incredibly moreish. It's great with corn on the cob and mash. Rum runner chicken is also known as pirate's chicken. For fans of cinnamon and chicken … Continue Reading



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How’s your knowledge of quirky rum-based facts?

You enjoy relaxing with a glass of it and you might appreciate the distinctive taste it adds to your food, but how much do you know about rum, glorious rum? Here are a series of five statements about our favourite drink. Take your time, savour each one, just as you would a single sip. Then […]

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Afrohead Rum arrives on US shores

Previously only available in the Bahamas and Florida, the creators of Afrohead Rum have now taken this ‘banana and toffee’ based rum and launched it in Tennessee and New York, where it will be available to buy in selected bars, restaurants and liquor stores. It is always great to hear news about small-batch rum distilleries […]

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Songs to drink your rum by

I got to thinking that drinking a fine drop of rum is often best accompanied with some sweet tunes. I took to the internet to research just how many songs are about rum or contain the word rum, and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of songs to choose from. Not that you necessarily […]

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Making the most of spiced rum

Spiced rum is starting to appear everywhere we look, so it seemed like a good time to take a closer look at this tasty tipple and talk about some of the best ways to enjoy it. So what is it? Well, spiced rum is essentially rum with the addition of cinnamon (or other spices) to […]

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Cooking with rum: how to add a pinch of your favourite ingredient

Most people associate rum with drinking, and who could blame them with such a tasty range of rum-flavoured ready-to-drinks and cocktails on the market? As well as one of the world’s most popular drinking spirits, however, rum can also make a fantastic accompaniment to food – bringing a depth of flavour hard to mimic with […]


How to taste rum

One of the first things you're probably wondering, when it comes to rum appreciation, is - how do you taste rum? And I don't mean the mechanics of taste buds, this isn't a biology lesson. I mean how do you pick out … Continue Learning