Mojito Recipe

The Mojito. Every one has heard of it, some don't know what it is, others can't say properly, but the fact remains that the Mojito is one damn fine rum cocktail! My favourite Mojitos are made at the Elysium lounge by local cocktail maker Sambo. Just don't ask him to show you his bag of up and coming tricks or you might be there for a while. Although my favourite Mojitos … [Read more...]

Rum the remedy for deadly snake bite on penis

Well this story was just too good not to mention! Only in Australia would a story like this unfold... while stopping on the side of the road to "relieve" himself during a long journey through the bush on his way home from a pig hunting expedition, a man was "swiped" by a deadly brown snake! The startled man said he must have just about sat on the snakes head as he squatted … [Read more...]