What do I know!?

The answer to that question: very little. But you know what, I don't care! I've been reading some great (and very indepth) rum reviews tonight, and it made me realise just how superficial and shallow my reviews are! However, I must say that I'm no expert on rum, I just know what I like to drinks, what I think tastes good and feel a need to share my thoughts to the rest of … [Read more...]

Captain Morgan Rum Lounge Pants!

Ahh its good to be back, and be back on such a happy note. You see today as I was browsing the goodness of Amazon.com I came across something special, something rare... and at the same time something down right hilarious! Now just because this product is special, rare and hilarious doesn't not mean that it is not COOL! Because it may well be the COOLEST THING YOU HAVE EVER … [Read more...]