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Rum Cocktails

Mai Tai Rum Cocktail

As May Cocktail Massacre rolls on, we say hello to an old classic – the Mai Tai rum cocktail! I love the Mai Tai purely and simply because it has pretty colours that remind me of a warm summer sunset! There are reportedly more than 7 official recipes depending on […]

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Rum Cocktails

Spiced Pear Rum Cocktail

As the May “Cocktail Massacre” rolls on, we introduce the Spiced Pear Rum Cocktail. This recipe is loosely based on Spiced Pear Caipirini (only with RUM instead of Cachaca) Oh Yeh! This recipe substitutes in pear juice for the fruity bit in place of traditional lime as used in the […]

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Rum Cocktails

Boston Tea Party Rum Cocktail

Does anyone feel like a tea party? Perhaps a… Boston Tea Party?! Well seeing it’s the cocktail month of May we’re going to be sharing some cocktails for you to try. Our Mojito recipe is getting lonely and it’s time we added another rum cocktail, so today it’s the Boston […]

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Rum Reviews

Inner Circle Rum

Today I decided to go local (well local for me anyway!) so I decided to review the 100% Australian Owned Inner Circle Rum, traditional pot still, born and bred in Australia but made from Australian and Fijian ingredients… go figure. It’s a rich, strong flavoured rum and although I wasn’t […]

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