Rum Appreciation – Part 1

Do you remember the first time you ever tried a rum? Every now and then I think back to when I first started to become interested in rum.  I think we all remember our first rum experience, seeing, smelling and tasting rum for the first time. For me it was unusual as I'd always been a Whiskey drinker, and I'm ashamed to say - it was nearly always with coca cola. My first … [Read more...]

Angostura 1919 & The Journey of the Mystical Oranges!

Hi guys, recently I attended a sailor party with some friends on the river for a birthday party. Being the middle of winter, the night got down to a chilly 3 degrees C. Not your typical cocktail drinking weather, but where there’s a will there’s a way, right? Angostura 1919 was our rum of choice (amongst several other forms of unmentionable alcohol). Being a brisk evening we … [Read more...]