The Rum Rebellion Australia 1808

the rum rebellion

Here's something not many people outside of Australia (and many Australians for that matter) would know - in 1808, thanks to the value of rum, the government was overthrown in what was called The Rum Rebellion! Rum was used as a form of currency in Australia in the early 1800’s, now that’s an idea worth pursuing! While the Governor was the designated ruler of the convict … [Read more...]

How to make cocktail foam

Have you ever wondered how to make cocktail foam? I discovered this video today, I've seen bar staff madly beating egg whites, juice and sugar in a pan over a naked flame with a whisk until their faces turn blue to make a good foam for their cocktails. Then I saw this video of Jamie Boudreau from his series Raising The Bar do it with a cooking foamer or bar foamer (I'm sure … [Read more...]