The Only Place To Discuss Rum

Where to discuss rum

Do you find that your friends just aren't into rum as much as you are? Or they like having  couple too many on a Friday night without really appreciating the fine liquid that they're consuming? You don't have to feel like the only person in the world how appreciates rum anymore - because we've just launched  the forum! Our rum forum is still in its early … [Read more...]

So, Just What Is Rum Chata?


Rum Chata certainly is a hot topic right now, the world is going crazy for it! Only a few days ago, I found myself asking - just what is the Rum Chata I keep seeing on menus / hearing people talk about. So today, amongst my usual searching online for funny cat pictures and music videos, I thought I'd take a look into the origins of Rum Chata, and summarise it for you … [Read more...]

5 Easy To Make Rum Cocktails

Found this nice video on YouTube, from on how to make 5 easy rum cocktails and thought I'd share! This video generated a lot of discussion on the YouTube page about whether or not he was using the right ingredients, the correct glasses and a number of other funny comments - I think as long as it tastes good, who cares if its "correct" you can make things however you … [Read more...]