Angostura 1919 & The Journey of the Mystical Oranges!

Hi guys, recently I attended a sailor party with some friends on the river for a birthday party. Being the middle of winter, the night got down to a chilly 3 degrees C. Not your typical cocktail drinking weather, but where there’s a will there’s a way, right?

Angostura 1919 was our rum of choice (amongst several other forms of unmentionable alcohol). Being a brisk evening we began with neat rums in your regular tumbler just to warm up the stomach, (everything else was frozen). Sitting on the roof of the houseboat soaking up the serenity. The birds chirps died down and the crickets started up – and so did we.

Inside the house boat there was quite the party going on so we decided to “fire it up” a bit with some Angostura 1919 Old Fashioned’s. One small problem – we had no oranges! Luckily, being in the river land where there are orchards a plenty, we set of on a journey of discovery to find some mystical and much treasured oranges. Though 2ft high wet grass we battled like pioneers through the thick jungle and numerous soft mud patches later we returned triumphant with not one but 3 glorious oranges to the applause and screams of all on board.

We mixed old fashioned’s for everyone, young and old – and sparking the orange peel was quite the hit (the girls loved it). After sampling our fine mixtures, the drinks were in high demand. The girls insisted we tried something new so we made peach vodka old fashioned’s as well.. a moment I’d rather forget – but interesting none the less! The rest of the night drifted away to the soundtrack of an inner city night club, not the relaxing strum of a guitar, but a good night was had by all. Our orange adventure got me thinking, what’s the furthest lengths you’ve gone to, to make your favourite drink? You can either send us your reponses to updates (at), or leave a comment below. Peace! RD.



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