Captain Morgan Rum Lounge Pants!

Ahh its good to be back, and be back on such a happy note. You see today as I was browsing the goodness of I came across something special, something rare… and at the same time something down right hilarious! Now just because this product is special, rare and hilarious doesn’t not mean that it is not COOL! Because it may well be the COOLEST THING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!

Thats right folks – let me introduce to you CAPTAIN MORGAN RUM LOUNGE PANTS!! Now on those cold winter nights when you were wishing you were somewhere else, you can slip into your 100% cotton, adjustable draw string, open fly threads with dual pockets and drift away to that special place! And the best part of all for the guys, they are easy care, machine washable!! It doesn’t really get any better does it fellas? Work could be stressing you out, the wife may be screaming to her bestie on the phone, and all you need to do is slip into your lounge pants and all the pain goes away! Just have a look at these babies!


Aren’t they fantasitc?! I dunno about you but i’m ordering mine today before they run out! I wonder if there is a captain morgan lounge pants club? Perhaps we should start one? Take it easy guys, RD.



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