Interactive Rum Map of the Caribbean

map of caribbean rum trail

Some of you may have seen my tweet about my impending trip rum journey around the Caribbean. I plan to go next year, it's always been a dream of mine. As fate would have it, one of the fan's of my facebook page made me aware of this fantastic interactive rum map by Coconut Bay Resort! Simply click on the X's to learn more about each area, the rums and the distilleries. … [Read more...]

How Does Rum Get It’s Color?

Rum Colors

Have you ever wondered what gives all the different types of Rum their colors? Rum is one of the few liquors that comes in a range of flavors to suit nearly any palate. From light and fruity to hot and spicy to deeply dark and mellow, there really is a rum for everyone. If you are unsure which rum is for you, a good start is often to be found simply by looking at the color. … [Read more...]

How to taste rum


One of the first things you're probably wondering, when it comes to rum appreciation, is - how do you taste rum? And I don't mean the mechanics of taste buds, this isn't a biology lesson. I mean how do you pick out different flavours and characteristics so you know what type of rum your taste buds prefer and how to pick good choices based on those little descriptions on the … [Read more...]

How do you store rum?

My Rum Cupboard - Almost Time To Make My Blend!

Wine lovers have their wine racks, ice buckets and de-canters. But what do rum drinkers have aside from some ice and a cup? I want to know what cool things you readers have at home to make your rum drinking experience more enjoyable.. Do you prefer a tall glass, a short glass, lime, no lime, mint, dry, cola or ice - perhaps stright from the bottle?! Do you store your … [Read more...]

Screw Caps versus Corks

Screw Cap versus Cork

After a question on on the blog, I decided to do some research to find out just what is better to top off your bottle - a screw cap or a cork! Most rum enthusiasts in my experience prefer a screw cap to cork. Screw caps are better because they do not crack or dry out like the odd cork is prone to do. Because they provide a tighter seal, they also prevent leakage. Some rum … [Read more...]