Spring Break in Cuba!


The following story is a guest post from my friend Eliza, who spent some time studying overseas, here's what she experienced while at Spring break in Cuba this year, enjoy! If I had to describe Cuba in 4 words they would be Communism, Cars, Cigars and Rum. As I'm writing for all of you Rum enthusiasts I'll try to stick to that topic! Well, what can I say? I went to … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A Rum Story


This post was written by one of our rum fans - Peter Rundle, of Australia. If you have a story you'd like published on rum-drinks.com get in touch via email, twitter or our Facebook page and I'll gladly put it online. I was leaning against the bar at The Bull Bar of The Stuart Arms in Alice Springs late one hot Saturday afternoon in 1970. I had just finished my eleventeenth … [Read more...]

Rum as a hair loss treatment?

rum hair treatment

You've seen that ads on TV, you've seen the packs in the the chemist. So, why spend thousands of dollars on hair loss treatments when it could be a simple as your old favourite rum? I remembered reading this curious fact the other day about rum-it’s said to prevent hair loss. Strong rum might put hairs on your chest- the good news is it will also apparently put hair back on … [Read more...]

My Week On Kangaroo Island

Camel Riding in Morocco

The Year That Was In a year of overseas travel for me, from riding camels through the Sahara desert in Morocco to weddings at the Pink Flamingo in Las Vegas (and the biggest pina coladas I've ever seen at Caesar's Palace) and living the hustle of everyday life at work in the city like I do and regular interstate travel, its a rare opportunity when you get to spend an entire … [Read more...]

Captain Morgan Rum Lounge Pants!

Ahh its good to be back, and be back on such a happy note. You see today as I was browsing the goodness of Amazon.com I came across something special, something rare... and at the same time something down right hilarious! Now just because this product is special, rare and hilarious doesn't not mean that it is not COOL! Because it may well be the COOLEST THING YOU HAVE EVER … [Read more...]