New Look for Bacardi Rum Bottles


Celebrating its 153rd anniversary today, BACARDÍ rum announces the first packaging update to the world’s number one selling rum in more than a decade. Heavily influenced by Art Deco style, the new bottle design reflects the brands unique heritage and provenance, although its timeless quality ensures it looks just as good in some of the world’s finest bars today as it did in … [Read more...]

Millionaires Club 2014: Best Selling Rums


Each year, Drinks International release their ranking of the world's most popular spirits. Since here at Rum Drinks we don't really care too much for other forms of alcohol, we have refined this list to just provide you with the world's best selling rums from the 2014 edition of "The Millionaire’s Club". What is the Millionaire's Club? The Millionaires’ Club is Drinks … [Read more...]

Is this the world’s oldest & most expensive rum?

Who knows what lurks in the cellars of the grand mansions of England? The mind boggles at the possibilities but the presence of bottles of the oldest and most expensive rum in the world is probably not something that you would expect! So how did these bottles of rum end up covered in cobwebs and mould in the cellar of Lord Harewood’s estate in Leeds? The story goes that the … [Read more...]

The Only Place To Discuss Rum

Where to discuss rum

Do you find that your friends just aren't into rum as much as you are? Or they like having  couple too many on a Friday night without really appreciating the fine liquid that they're consuming? You don't have to feel like the only person in the world how appreciates rum anymore - because we've just launched  the forum! Our rum forum is still in its early … [Read more...]

The Rum Diary Movie Starring Johnny Depp

The Rum Diary

The Rum Diary Movie I was very excited to learn today (I'm a bit behind the times is seems) that Johnny Depp is to star in the film adaption of Hunter S Thompson's book - The Rum Diary. The book, which was written in Puerto Rico in the 1959, was originally canned by Thompson after a series of publisher knock backs, but was brought back to life in 1998 and became a … [Read more...]