The Electric Chair Cocktail Recipe

The name of this cocktail kind of gives away the fact that get too close to the Electric chair cocktail, and you'll get a zap! Made with 1 ounce of brewed espresso, this little kick start is perfect to get the night started right, or as a pick me up when the yawns start coming out toward the end of an evening. Originally made with cachaça, our version uses Matuslaem … [Read more...]

Vampire Kiss Cocktail Recipe

Its no coincidence that the Vampire kiss rum cocktail is made with passion. Passion fruit flavoured rum that is! This sweet little number gets a tarty kick from a splash of cranberry juice and give this drink some deep red blood like hue as well! Another dracula favourite, sipping on this one will make your skin crawl... in a good way! Ingredients: 2 parts … [Read more...]

The Devils Handshake Cocktail Recipe (White Rum Version)

The Devil's Handshake Rum Cocktail is yet another rummy twist on a haunted Tequila classic and is a pleasant mix of fruits and tequila, with a bit of a bitter twang. The ginger purée really gives this drink a kick along by adding a subtle sweet yet spicy taste. The egg whites create a smooth texture and helps to bring all of the flavours together. But if you're not a big … [Read more...]

The Bloodtini Cocktail Recipe (Rum Version)

Another spooky number from remixed, this Bloody cocktail is enough to make vampires wet their pants! (Can they do that?) . Who doesn't want to look like their drinking a Martini class full of blood - perfect accessory to that Dracula costume! The Bloodtini is simply a fun cocktail for Halloween  parties and the acai juice provides a tasty little healthy … [Read more...]

The Ghostini Rum Cocktail Recipe

This frighteningly good cocktail is a rum version of the vodka Ghostini at where it is described as one of the speciality Halloween cocktails served at Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Ghostini has a similar foundation to many other dessert-worthy cocktails, with an Irish cream base, with caramel, and vanilla … [Read more...]