So, Just What Is Rum Chata?


Rum Chata certainly is a hot topic right now, the world is going crazy for it! Only a few days ago, I found myself asking - just what is the Rum Chata I keep seeing on menus / hearing people talk about. So today, amongst my usual searching online for funny cat pictures and music videos, I thought I'd take a look into the origins of Rum Chata, and summarise it for you … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Summer Rum Punch Recipe

Who doesn't love a good punch, and what better punch than a Rum Punch! As it is summer here in Australia at Christmas time, Rum Punch is the perfect summer drink. Don’t be put off by thoughts of the watery punches in glass bowls, with brown bits of bananas & sad cherries floating on top, you may have seen in the past. There are some excellent punch mixtures around and … [Read more...]

Bundaberg Port Barrel Rum


Last week on Sunday September 25, 2011, at the Bundaberg Distilling Company, Bundaberg had their “Rumvention” where they released their latest edition to the family - Bundaberg Port Barrel Rum. The Bundy port barrel rum forms part of their Master Distillers collection. Named so because it was distilled in old port barrels form the Barossa Valley region in South Australia. As … [Read more...]

What drinks can you make with banana rum?


Ever wondered what drinks you can make with banana rum? We have the answer right here! This is a drink you CAN make at home kids. Banana rum is an interesting concept, why companies insist on altering perfectly good rum with their artificial “natural flavours” is beyond me, but - rant over, I've been getting a few questions from the community about what drinks you can make … [Read more...]

Flor De Cana 7yr Old Gran Reserve Old Fashioned

A few months back at the local rum club I was introduced to the Flor De Cana 7yr old Gran Reserve rum. At the time I was slightly obsedded with the Old Fashioned style of rum drink so elected to try it out on the Flor De Cana. At the suggestion of bartender Eddie, we tried it with rhubarb bitters, and set fire to some orange peel oil. Quite spectacular the way it sparkles … [Read more...]