How Did Rum Get It’s Name?

There are lots of theories about where the word rum came from. Some say it is a shortened version of Rumbustion which was a slang terms for "tumult" or "uproar”. which does have a ring of truth as consuming lots of rum could certainly cause a bit a fighting! Another explanation is that it is derived from the Dutch word roemer, which means large glass. In English this is … [Read more...]

Rum Islands Of The World

Did you know there are several islands around the world called "Rum Island"? There's one off the coast of Australia, one in the Falklands, one in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve (Canada) & one near Scotland! Australia’s Rum Island Australia’s Rum Island is an island lying in Bass Strait north of Tasmania. It is the site of the 1797 ‘Sydney Cove’ shipwreck. This … [Read more...]

In wine there is wisdom

Benjamin Franklin is supposed to have said “In wine there is Wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is Bacteria”. As bacteria were named in the early 1800’s and Franklin died in 1790, this rumor is unlikely, but I thought we could have some fun with this saying! Put on your thinking caps and lets rum-ify this sentence to make old Benjamin proud. Post your … [Read more...]

The Rum Rebellion Australia 1808

the rum rebellion

Here's something not many people outside of Australia (and many Australians for that matter) would know - in 1808, thanks to the value of rum, the government was overthrown in what was called The Rum Rebellion! Rum was used as a form of currency in Australia in the early 1800’s, now that’s an idea worth pursuing! While the Governor was the designated ruler of the convict … [Read more...]

Rum Appreciation – Part 1

Do you remember the first time you ever tried a rum? Every now and then I think back to when I first started to become interested in rum.  I think we all remember our first rum experience, seeing, smelling and tasting rum for the first time. For me it was unusual as I'd always been a Whiskey drinker, and I'm ashamed to say - it was nearly always with coca cola. My first … [Read more...]