Mojito Recipe

The Mojito. Every one has heard of it, some don’t know what it is, others can’t say properly, but the fact remains that the Mojito is one damn fine rum cocktail!

My favourite Mojitos are made at the Elysium lounge by local cocktail maker Sambo. Just don’t ask him to show you his bag of up and coming tricks or you might be there for a while.

Although my favourite Mojitos are made with Havana Club Anejo Blanco, Sambo makes them with the Mt Gay Rum – Eclipse, thens whacks in some weird solidified honey and a tonne of mint and lime, smashes them all together with a muddler, throws in a heap of craushed ice, gives it a good shake and tops it all up with some soda water! Mmmm, I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it!

There are so many variations on how to make Mojitos, I guess everyone’s taste is slightly different. I have included one way to make a mojito below:

Scrape together:

60ml of your favourite Rum ( I recommend Havana Club Anejo Blanco)
3 big spoons raw sugar
3 wedges of lime
12 mint leaves
Crushed ice
Soda water to suit

Muddle (I prefer the term Mash) the sugar, lime and most of the mint leaves together in a glass / cocktail shaker. Add the rum, 3/4 fill the glass with crushed ice and mix. Pour into a pretty glass, top up with soda water, clap remaining mint leaves between your hands (if anyone’s watching it will scare them and you’ll laugh) and place on top. Serve with or without straw, depending how manly / girly you are feeling and enjoy your Mojito!

If you’d like to see mojito making in action, here’s a great video from Bacardi!




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