Rum as a hair loss treatment?

You’ve seen that ads on TV, you’ve seen the packs in the the chemist. So, why spend thousands of dollars on hair loss treatments when it could be a simple as your old favourite rum?

I remembered reading this curious fact the other day about rum-it’s said to prevent hair loss. Strong rum might put hairs on your chest- the good news is it will also apparently put hair back on your head. There’s only one problem; the cure is not by drinking the stuff- you have to rub it into your scalp!

rum hair treatmentRum & Onion Hair Loss Remedy:

The most common concoction involves rum and onions, although there is another potion where you mix rum and apples. So in the interests of any rum drinkers struggling with hair loss, I thought it only fair that I share what I know.

It doesn’t seem to matter what quality of rum is used so for goodness sake don’t go with the old adage the more expensive the better it will work! I am sure any old cheap rum will do. The rum and onion cure is simpler and involves adding chopping up a small onion and adding the pieces to a cup of rum. You leave this for 24 hours, strain the mixture then massage your scalp with the rum.

Rum & Apple Hair Loss Remedy:

The rum and apple one is similar but involves adding a cup of finely chopped, peeled apple to a cup of rum and leaving for 5 days before straining. You again massage the rum into your scalp, but you then cover it with a shower cap so it can penetrate your scalp. Leave on for an hour (and hope like hell no-one comes to visit while you’re sitting there looking like Dr Gray.)

Does It Actually Work?

People on various blogs swear by these methods and as a Mum with a full head of hair I can’t say I have tried them to see if they work. But if all else fails you can lick the rum off your cheeks as it dribbles down your face from your scalp (though the onion/apple flavour might take some getting used to!)

Keep in mind I am making no promises and I must share the comment I read on a hair loss blog where someone wrote “I just picked up a fifth of rum down at the liquor store. What do I do now, pour it on my head?” The reply was “Yeah, so long as your head is tilted back and your mouth open!”

Hair Loss Treatment Rum – How to Apply!

Good luck!



  1. says

    My dad had been suffering from hair loss and only reltceny he started to see a huge difference with his hair (lots of fine hair growing out especially at the temple area) after trying out the various natural techniques taught to grow hair for 1 week at this website I must say its a very informative, effective and easy to follow step-by-step guide. I highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from hair loss.And i assure you that you won’t find this natural hair growing techniques on the internet.Hope it helps ! =)

    • says

      Great to hear Noriyuki! Having a full head of hair myself – I wondered if this would actually work (can’t really test) but thought it was interesting in theory – glad to here your dad has had some positive results!

    • says

      Hi Radhika, I’m sure any rum is as good as another, I’m yet to hear from anyone who has had proven success,but if all else fails, it’s worth a try I guess!

  2. says

    I liked the Rum & Apple Hair Loss Remedy =. Looking forward at trying it on my sister as she is losing hair tremendously. Hope it works for dry hair and does not wreck havoc on her already damaged tresses.

  3. Ramsidan Dolar says

    I got to used rhum on my face when we had party with friends once and after just a week have noticed some thin hair growing on it but now i suffering from hailoss and trying to use this again. Hopefully i’d solve this problem asap..

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