The Only Rum Books You’ll Ever Need to Read

If you’re like me, when I began my Rum education, there are times when you just can’t spend time online. You might be on a bus, a plane, waiting for someone or just enjoy reading a book! But which books should you spend your hard earned cash on? Just which books are best to learn about rum?

This is where I have done the hard work for you!

I have read a whole bunch of books on rum and have put only the most valuable books (in my opinion) here for you below to save you the hassle of finding out yourself.

Of course don’t let my judgement be the only thing you go on – if a book jumps out at you and you find it valuable – let me know and if I haven’t read it I’ll add it to the list!

The Best Rum Books Getting Around!

Below I’ve listed the best rum books I’ve read that helped my learn everything I know about rum. I hope they can help you too. I’ve also linked these books to my amazon store so if you buy online I get a few cents – to help keep free and a resource for all I would be very grateful if you but through my links on this page :)


Rum a social and sociable history