Matusalem Platino

Matusalem Platino RumMatusalem Platino Rum or Ron Matusalem is my new favourite rum! It was a long, hard battle with Mt Gay, but for the moment the Platino has come out on top! It’s hard to descibe why, Mt Gay is like my old friend I’ve known for years, where as Platino is like the fun new guy with all the cool stuff, fast cars, big screen tv’s… you know what I mean!

Origionally founded in Cuba and now produced in the Dominican Republic, the crisp “snappy” flavour of Matusalem Platino is what I like the most, good in a tall glass – its refreshing, light and very easy to drink (a little too easy as it turns out!). Only problem is it seems to be hard to come by in local bars in Adelaide, and those that do have it really need to educate their staff members! twice in one night (I only went to two bars) I had to actually point out the bottle before they knew which drink I wanted… “a little to the left, the clear bottle with the cool engraving on it, no… that’s Johnny Walker…past that…” you get the idea.

The other thing I like about this rum, as I just mentioned, is its bottle! It’s real pretty. With a pretty swallow bird on it. Very nice and has a cool cork instead of a skrew cap! But back to the rum, it is described on the Matusalem website as “unique blend of triple distilled, hand crafted spirits…” all I know is it tastes really good and if you haven’t already, you should go try it right now!

So I’m off tonight to go get myself a nice new bottle of Matusalem Platino and hope to share my new friend with my existing ones and also that Mt Gay doesn’t get too jealous and try to knock him off the shelf!


UPDATE: This is also now officially my favourite rum to drink on ice! : ) So smooth…




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  2. Juan Cardona says:

    Hi!. Reading your review, I’m surprised to find out the Platino has a cork instead of the usual tin cap that even Appleton Est. rum puts in their bottles.
    I wonder if you could shed some advice for storing the bottle, as I understand that with time the cork may get dry/damaged, which would ruin the ‘nectar’ inside.
    Please dont tell me to drink it fast; I plan to leave some stock for my heirs in liquid bulk (lol).
    Thanks for your kind reply.

  3. Hi Juan, thanks for your comment – I wasn’t sure on the answer to this one, so we did some research into your question and wrote a new blog post about it – corks vs screw caps here: let us know if it was helpful!

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