Bundaberg Port Barrel Rum


Last week on Sunday September 25, 2011, at the Bundaberg Distilling Company, Bundaberg had their “Rumvention” where they released their latest edition to the family - Bundaberg Port Barrel Rum. The Bundy port barrel rum forms part of their Master Distillers collection. Named so because it was distilled in old port barrels form the Barossa Valley region in South Australia. As … [Read more...]

Inner Circle Rum

Today I decided to go local (well local for me anyway!) so I decided to review the 100% Australian Owned Inner Circle Rum, traditional pot still, born and bred in Australia but made from Australian and Fijian ingredients... go figure. It's a rich, strong flavoured rum and although I wasn't sure if I liked it or not at first its beginning to grow on me. It seems to have quite a … [Read more...]

Rum the remedy for deadly snake bite on penis

Well this story was just too good not to mention! Only in Australia would a story like this unfold... while stopping on the side of the road to "relieve" himself during a long journey through the bush on his way home from a pig hunting expedition, a man was "swiped" by a deadly brown snake! The startled man said he must have just about sat on the snakes head as he squatted … [Read more...]