Holiday Makers Increase Rum Sales

Chile Bar Rum increases

The world’s most favourite spirit (in my opinion), rum, has reportedly just over taken Pisco in the percentage of house hold purchases  in the South American country of Chile.  Why? Who knows , but it does spur to mind some memories of times gone by with an unusual, yet interestingly tasteful drink,  the Pisco sour, which is a drink you must try. The increase in rum sales … [Read more...]

Matusalem Platino

Matusalem Platino Rum or Ron Matusalem is my new favourite rum! It was a long, hard battle with Mt Gay, but for the moment the Platino has come out on top! It's hard to descibe why, Mt Gay is like my old friend I've known for years, where as Platino is like the fun new guy with all the cool stuff, fast cars, big screen tv's... you know what I mean! Origionally founded in … [Read more...]