My Week On Kangaroo Island

Camel Riding in Morocco

The Year That Was In a year of overseas travel for me, from riding camels through the Sahara desert in Morocco to weddings at the Pink Flamingo in Las Vegas (and the biggest pina coladas I've ever seen at Caesar's Palace) and living the hustle of everyday life at work in the city like I do and regular interstate travel, its a rare opportunity when you get to spend an entire … [Read more...]

Feel No Pain Cocktail Recipe (Painkiller Remix)

Feel No Pain Rum Cocktail

Hi there! Today I'm heading to Emu Bay on the remote Kangaroo Island off the south coast of Australia and will partaking in some vigorous water sport activity. Namely sea biscuiting! Last time I did this with my cousin he managed to get me 6ft in the air followed by several cartwheels across the top of the water before coming to a stop which caused me quite a bit of pain in … [Read more...]