5 Best Halloween Rum Cocktails

Yes its that time of year again, where the kids go out chasing candy, and bars and hotels alike theme up for scary monsters and just plain weird outfits. I thought this year for Halloween I'd put together a list of 5 of the best Halloween rum cocktails I could find (some are rum versions of other popular Halloween cocktails) so I hope you enjoy them! 1. The Ghostini 2. … [Read more...]

The Electric Chair Cocktail Recipe

The name of this cocktail kind of gives away the fact that get too close to the Electric chair cocktail, and you'll get a zap! Made with 1 ounce of brewed espresso, this little kick start is perfect to get the night started right, or as a pick me up when the yawns start coming out toward the end of an evening. Originally made with cachaça, our version uses Matuslaem … [Read more...]

Vampire Kiss Cocktail Recipe

Its no coincidence that the Vampire kiss rum cocktail is made with passion. Passion fruit flavoured rum that is! This sweet little number gets a tarty kick from a splash of cranberry juice and give this drink some deep red blood like hue as well! Another dracula favourite, sipping on this one will make your skin crawl... in a good way! Ingredients: 2 parts … [Read more...]