So, Just What Is Rum Chata?


Rum Chata certainly is a hot topic right now, the world is going crazy for it! Only a few days ago, I found myself asking - just what is the Rum Chata I keep seeing on menus / hearing people talk about. So today, amongst my usual searching online for funny cat pictures and music videos, I thought I'd take a look into the origins of Rum Chata, and summarise it for you … [Read more...]

5 Best Halloween Rum Cocktails

Yes its that time of year again, where the kids go out chasing candy, and bars and hotels alike theme up for scary monsters and just plain weird outfits. I thought this year for Halloween I'd put together a list of 5 of the best Halloween rum cocktails I could find (some are rum versions of other popular Halloween cocktails) so I hope you enjoy them! 1. The Ghostini 2. … [Read more...]

Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

It’s that time of the year again! The carols are in the stores, everyone's talking about the big fat guy and how he's going to fit down the chimney, so it must be time to make up a batch of hot buttered rum batter.  Apparently hot buttered rum has its origins in Europe, which makes sense because it surely had to be invented in countries where it was freezing outside, and a … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Summer Rum Punch Recipe

Who doesn't love a good punch, and what better punch than a Rum Punch! As it is summer here in Australia at Christmas time, Rum Punch is the perfect summer drink. Don’t be put off by thoughts of the watery punches in glass bowls, with brown bits of bananas & sad cherries floating on top, you may have seen in the past. There are some excellent punch mixtures around and … [Read more...]

Spiced Pear Rum Cocktail

As the May "Cocktail Massacre" rolls on, we introduce the Spiced Pear Rum Cocktail. This recipe is loosely based on Spiced Pear Caipirini (only with RUM instead of Cachaca) Oh Yeh! This recipe substitutes in pear juice for the fruity bit in place of traditional lime as used in the mother cocktail, the Caipirinha and a mixture of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg add that element … [Read more...]